Saturday, June 5, 2010


Love is life,

Love is fair,

love is smile,

love is tear.

love is song,

love is crying,

love is like a chilled wine.

love is sweet,

not always sour,

one love can help in a lonely hour.

love is a tragedy,

where heart hospitalized,

at that moment,

only lover can make u smile.

love joins the two hearts,

love makes the heart beat start.

love is joy,

love is merry,

love has lover to carry.

love is sun,

love is moon,

love passes the time soon.

love is thought,

love is Lord,

love is deed,

love is God.

Lets have the wings of love,

and fly high in the sky,

lets cry for the true love,

but i dunno the reason, why?

Give your heart and soul to love,

love will help your mystery to solve.

I pray for love,

i beg for love,

i try to love,

i am guided by love.

no alternative,

no substitute,

only eyes will talk,

tongue will be mute.

do you love some one,

if yes, dats great,

if dont,


its in your fate.

It is neither a play,

nor a game,

God and love,

is one and only same.

If your love is true


love is pure,

you will get eternal happiness,

for this i'm sure.

be a participant in love


run your race ,

'm dead sure


you will get a place.

By Durgesh Bhardwaj

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