Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Inspiration

It was a chilled evening.

i was with a friend of mine, teeting around in the market area in the middle of the city,

when a small gal , around 10-11 years old approached us,


We initially didnt pay attention but,

when she literally didnt let us go any where,

we asked her, what she want..

some ruppees, she said.....

and we could not see her need in her eyes.

and we straightly said no....

We can help u to get something to eat,

but NO cash..

bit disheartened

but still she didnt loose her hope.

just some steps away there was a small shop on the walking passage.

a shop of baby toys.

she asked, if we could get her a toy?

and we expressed like..TOY???

finally she made us ready for this.

we asked which toy she wants..THAT ONE!!

oh, dat a baby mobile phone....

we were like,u want a mobile??

she said yes..we asked for its price.twas for odd 250INR.

too expensive....choose some other toy..

ok get me this one...

a barbie doll..




we were like, how big are her demands are...

now this time,

we gave her some options..

get this or dat..mmmmm.......get me this one..a small soft toy - baby bear.

was not much expensive – 55 bucks i guess.

She got her toy and moved on..

Next day,

same place,

almost same time..

This time I was alone..

When some body approached me to give me a balloon..

Since, this person was having so many ballons in her hand,

And seems like a petty seller.

So I thought she must be selling it.

I simply denied to buy.

But on this,

She said..



for me??

I looked at that girl,

I asked why??

But instead of answereing me,

she asked me,

don’t u remember me?

I honestly denied.

‘m da same girl for whom u paid for thaat small teddy yesterday..


Before I cud ask her something,

she started herself..

I sold dat toy back 2 da shopkeeper in just 5 ruppees lesser than u bought for me.

And from those money,

I bought balloons and selling them since morning

And I have EARNED 22 ruppes just in today only..!!

I wasn’t knowing whether I should praise her or should tell her to go to school


I was thinking dat her best suited place is school only.

And again dat girl took initiative and handed over one balloon in my hand,

saying its FREE for me.

and then she was lost in the crowd selling her balloons.

A red Heart shaped balloon

Free for me..

I dunno what shud I say

dat what inspiration I got from this incident but it really touched my heart..

God Bless You, Baby!

By Durgesh Bhardwaj

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